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Supporting a strong argument can be difficult. Having access to the right information doesn't have to be. That's why we created Bluetick - so you can focus on devising and executing the best strategy.

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Supporting your position with a body of relevant statements is a laborious and complex process.

Old way of searching

Entering search terms in the search bar

Viewing results and finding out that you have not found the right set of results

Customise search terms in the search bar

Re-evaluate results and apply filters to make the result set smaller to read through.

Find a statement that is similar to, but not quite what I am looking for

Search for references or customise search terms

Bluetick search method

Start your search with search terms and specify by search suggestions

Find a statement that is similar to, but not quite what I am looking for

Simply search through the found verdict and find verdicts containing similar facts or considerations.

Mark pronunciations as relevant, thus teaching the system what is relevant to you. Bluetick will search with you in the background

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Give better advice

  • Our algorithm masters the legal language
  • It understands what you want to find, even if you search somewhere else
  • It ensures that you are aware of the most relevant and recent knowledge
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